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Thanks, But No Thanks

I don’t really think there’s a good way to not break up with someone.

Let me back up.

So you’ve met this dude online. You’ve gone through all the ASL, HWP, NSA, LTR, GTL bullshit that’s involved. (Okay, so maybe not the last one.) And what you’ve landed on here is a digital library of exchanged photos, hey-what’s-ups, and you’ve probably sent each other enough winky faces to shame a middle schooler. What’s next?

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The Anatomy of a Text Message

Person 1: Hi!
Subtext: I hope you still remember me. This would be kind of embarrassing if you don’t. We met last night at the bar. You were pretty wasted and probably bad news, but then again I’m kind of attracted to hopeless wrecks.

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